Collocate your equipment on the service platform

LIXP services are implemented on the basis of its own sites.

LIXP is a national traffic exchange point, is a project that implements the principle of neutral carrier.

In addition to connection to LIXP exchange point, we also offer all our participants the possibility to collocate their equipment on our sites on the following conditions:

Name of the service Unit One-time fee, € Per month, €
Colocation / unit rental
1U rental excluding the cost of electricity for each 1 unit 0 € 25 €
Switching services
Optical / copper patchcord inside LIXP site For each patch cord 0 € 1 €
Additional services
SMS monitoring / E-mail notification For each host 0 € 1 €
  • All prices are VAT-exclusive

  • In case of increased power consumption, the cost of collocate is negotiated on the case-by-case basis.

At this momment, LIXP nodes are either operating or being under construction at the following addresses:

  • Vilnius, Juozopavicaus, g. 13 (DataLogistic Center)
  • Vilnius, J. Baltrusaicio, g. 9 (Infium, UAB)