Registration AS, PI/PA & LIR

As they develop, many companies with allocated channels on the web need their own AS (autonomous system) of network resources and PI-networks (provider-independent addresses). We are a major LIR (Local Internet Registry) providing support services for existing resources, in addition, we provide assistance in registration of autonomous systems, address blocks, and other LIR services. To use LIXP network services, your company needs to have its own AS and PI/PA block.

Rates for allocation and support of IP and AS:

Name of the service Time Period Registration(the first year inc) Support (per year)
AS + PA block of 256 addresses (1 C-class network) year 450 € 450 €
AS + PA block of 512 addresses (2 C-class network) year 800 € 800 €
AS + PA block of 1024 addresses (4 C-class network) year 1600 € 1600 €
AS + PA block of 2048 addresses (8 C-class network) year 3000 € 3000 €
IPv6/48 network registration year 300 € 100 €
Assistance in LIR registration one-time fee 3000 €
  • Price of services specified is VAT-exclusive.
  • Support (per year) — for as-num, inetnum objects entities regardless of the number of addresses.
  • “Assistance in LIR registration” service does not imply further support in the registration of other objects and AS.
  • Registration of related objects (mntner, person, organization, route, domain) is free.

Once you receive an address block, you no longer need to change the addresses in your network, when switching or changing the carrier. These address blocks will be utterly and completely at your sole disposal. Autonomous system (AS) is the main component of the Network. It is the smallest unit that creates its own independent routes when interacting with another identical AS. If you have the autonomous system that means that you can manage your own networks routing on the internet.

I.e., you may become a valid participant of LIXP exchange point, have an opportunity to optimize your traffic costs, improve connectivity, as well as receive backup channels that are connected automatically using other participant/carrier.