LIXP IPTV is an alternative, independent video signal provider.

  • Provide an IPTV service to members.
  • Receive signals of TV broadcasting programs, as well as other additional services (Catch up, VOD, EPG, etc).
  • To answer demands of most copyright holders, an CAS system is used for content protection.
  • Use of equipment supporting Full HD standard.

Services provided at LIXP platform:

  • Streams — over 800+ satellite and terrestrial TV channels, including studio channels.
  • Middleware — management of SYNET, SELTEKA, TVIP boxes.
  • Catch up - video archive (from 1 to 14 days)
  • EPG — TV programm in XMLTV and JSON formats
  • Pause Live TV — “pause” functionality when watching TV channels.
  • Time-shifted TV — television with a shift, the ability to watch TV programs from the beginning in case you were late for the start or missed it altogether.
  • NPVR — your personal video recorder.
  • IP Set-Top Box — interactive functionality for client TV add-ons (youtube, megogo, etc).

Basic requirements to operatio data transmission for the guaranteed quality of IPTV services:

  • Access switches connection to LIXP nodes via 10G port and allocation of the bandwidth for IPTV content with the speed of at least 1G.
  • Support IGMP (multicast and unicast) and mBGP protocols.