Joining policy

Any operator may be connected to LIXP, and the requirments very easy:

  • You must have an ASN assigned by a Local or Regional Internet Registry.
  • Disable at port next protocols: ARP proxy, STP, IP Redirects, CDP, etc.
  • Use on the interfaces only IP address, netmask, assigned by LIXP.
  • Do not use static routes to any member.
  • Do not announce to LIXP fullview, default route, or private networks.
  • Route leaking is forbidden.

Specifications of route server operation for LIXP exchange point

Traffic exchange and route server functioning are free of charge. A key advantage of RS usage is the reduced number of peer-to-peer “pair-wise” connections and switch to route exchange using one point. This way, traffic is transmitted between members connected directly to LIXP, bypassing the RS. For the exchange point RIPE NCC was allocted the network: и 2001:7f8:b4::/48

IPv4 address RS: IPv6 address RS: 2001:7f8:b4::1

ASN: AS21141


For more information about LIXP routes and participants of route exchange, you can see RIPE database or request AS21141 description using this command:

whois -h as21141 | grep "import\|export\|remarks"

All LIXP members may participate in route exchange by setup bgp session from their edge router with RS. This action implies that the carrier advertises to the RS their routing table (only their own networks or that of their customers) and accepts the route table available from the RS.

The following RS rules apply:

  • NO advertisement of a default route, private networks (rfc 1918), private AS (rfc 6996).
  • Advertises the complete route table to all members, though enables flexible advertising management using BGP community attributes.
  • NO acceptance of the default route, private networks (rfc 1918), private AS (rfc 6996) from the members.
  • Accepts routes advertised by the participant, sets the next-hop of the source router, and advertises them to other participants in the same form.

It is important to understand that RS only manages route advertisements, whereas traffic goes directly to members. Incoming routes are filtered using WHOIS.RIPE.NET database. Filters update are automatically at 03:00 (GMT+2) every night.

The following bgp community attributes are available for flexible advertisement management:

  • block route advertisement to a certain peer: 0:"peer-as"
  • block route advertisement to all peers: 0:21141
  • advertising routes to a certain peer: 21141:"peer-as"
  • advertising routes to all peers: 21141:21141 (or no of bgp community attribute)
  • bgp blackhole (only prefixes length /31-/32): 21141:666
  • any other community attributes are ignored.
  • routes where bgp ommunity attribute is not specified are by default advertised to all members.